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Hb+ Prickly Pear: Nutritional Drink for Seniors

What Makes up a Healthy Diet for Seniors? Prickly Pear Fruit Juice!

Reema, who is a 55-year old working woman lives a sedentary lifestyle for over 20 years trying well to balance the demands of work and family. Living a busy lifestyle, she was prone to neglecting her nutrition needs and always grabbed whatever she could – mostly relying on junk food while working at the desk. She always felt lethargic and stressed even when she woke up in the mornings. One day she realized her energy levels were drastically dropping and turned to a healthy drink on her friend’s advice. What she experienced after that was just like magic! She no longer experienced low energy levels, stress or lethargy. In fact, she was happier than ever and felt her lively 20s had come back!

Now, if you are also having such nutritional shortfalls, it is time for you to go on for a quick health resolution. Take this as your nutrition strategy as you move into your 40s, 50s, 60s and so on. It is important to change your eating habits with your age. But what is more important is that you get all the body nutrients in a harmonious form.

Hb+ Prickly Pear fruit juice provides the energy necessary for all the body systems to function effectively. It has become way more essential when the majority of the global population is living a sedentary lifestyle today. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important as you age. Instead of dieting, it’s better to make wise food choices.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important as you age. Instead of dieting, it’s better to make wise food choices.

  • Contains 30% DV of Iron
  • Comprises of 21% DV of Calcium
  • Highly productive and superior in antioxidants
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties
  • It is rich in Vitamin C.
  • Has high fiber contents
  • Strengthens the immune system

Is it Safe to Drink Hb+ Even If You Don’t Have Coronavirus?

Weight Control

Instead of resorting to extreme measures such as weight management pills, switch to dietary fiber in the form of Prickly Pear. Consume one cup of this superfood every day, and it will help you stay close to your ideal weight.

 Lowers Cholesterol

The Prickly Pear has this fiber pectin which helps eliminate “LDL” cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol “HDL.” Experiments have proven that Prickly Pear can reduce both hepatic and plasma levels.

Anemia and other Diseases

Prickly Pear helps fight Anemia. The flavonoid compounds in the Prickly Pear help lower the risk of prostate, breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancers. These compounds inhibit cancerous cells.

Good source of Macro and Micronutrients

All the nutrients in Prickly Pear help boost your immune system and provide the nutrition that you deserve. The nutrients also help your body digest food better. Better digestion reduces stress.

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Give your health a natural boost with Hb+ Prickly Pear Fruit Juice!


Just add three portions of water(150ml) to one portion of pulp(50ml) and consume twice a day. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime to make it a tasty drink.

The recommended timings to have this juice are:
Morning: Empty Stomach
Night: Before going to bed

It is not compulsory to have this drink as per the stated timings. Since it is not a pharmaceutical product, you can choose a time at your convenience to have this healthy fruit juice. So, relish this tasty juice at any time of the day.

For perfect measurable increase in hemoglobin, it is essential to consume Hb+ in recommended dosage as per your current hemoglobin without fail for atleast 30 days.

Results may differ from person to person depending upon iron absorption capacity. Since, this juice is a natural dietary supplement, not intended to cure any disease, it will all depend on your body condition. Results may also depend on the availability of Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D and Folic Acid in your body.

No worries. Totally fine. Hb+ Prickly Pear Fruit juice is incredible drink for the health. If you don’t drink this juice daily, then you are unfortunately going to lose the essential nutrients which this drink can provide. It is recommended to have this drink twice a day. It will increase your hemoglobin at a fast pace and provide your immune system a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals to keep its energy up and going.

Again, this is just a suggestion not a rule. You can choose a time at your convenience.

Changing food habits, stressful lifestyle, competitive career progression and toxic environment continuously impact our body and health. Even if your hemoglobin level reaches 13, it is recommended that you continue having this fruit juice. Everybody who drinks this juice on a daily basis receives great benefits.

Once it is above 13, you may consume 25ml of this juice with 100ml of water and a bit of lemon juice once a day.

Store it away from sunlight in a cool and dry place. Refrigerate it after opening.

12 months from the packaging date. Kindly, consume it within 30 days after opening, if stored in refrigerated condition.

Hb+ Prickly Pear Fruit juice can go bad if you don’t store it properly and use it after a prolonged period. Being a natural fruit pulp, you need to consider certain things. You can check the juice by smelling it and access the condition of it. If it smells stale and not like what’s expected from it then you should discard the bottle.

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